On a Whim

November 4th, 2009

How far should I run tonight?”
6K? No, erm, 5K. Erm.”
“I could do 6K.”
“Okay. 6K, then.”

And so it was decided. Tonight I was a bit knackered, but I did feel like doing a decent distance on the flat, so I ran 3km out along the Portway, and 3km back again.

Looking at the times, I did it in 42 minutes, so I guess that means I’m doing 7 minute kilometres, which is fine by me. Although RunKeeper threw a bit of a wobbly tonight with the warm‐up timing, so I’m not convinced that’s entirely accurate. It can’t be far off, though.

Anyway. It wasn’t the most interesting of runs or routes tonight, so I’ll stop wittering. Should be out for another Portway run on Friday, then I’ll try something more interesting at the weekend, maybe try to break through the 7K barrier!

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