Sock it to me

November 10th, 2009

SocksRunning is pretty simple, as sports go. There’s not a lot of sexy equipment. So far, I’ve got away with some good shoes, some socks, some shorts, and a top or two.

But I added a complication at the weekend. My cheap Puma sport socks were a bit rubbish, especially if it had been raining and they got a bit damp. So I went into Moti and splashed out on a few pairs of technical running socks.

And here’s the complication: first time I put them on, I got it wrong. Up until now, I’ve had very limited ways of putting socks on wrong. Now, as well as mis‐matching the pairs, or putting them on inside out, I can put the socks on the wrong feet. It wasn’t until I stood up, and looked at the little “L” on my right foot, and the little “R” on the left, that I figured this out.

Still, they seem to work fine, as far as socks go. I can’t say they’ve improved my speed. In fact, I didn’t notice any difference at all on the simple little 5K I just did. But maybe on the longer, and drizzlier runs, they won’t end up absorbing rainwater like sponges or rubbing on the soles of my feet like my cheap, simple socks did.

I hope so. Because the list of odd things I have to check before I get out of the door is getting steadily longer.

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