Mad Dogs and Englishmen

May 23rd, 2010


Wow. That was quite an intense 7K. Not because it was fast, or anything, just because I didn’t get out until about half past eleven, which meant I was running in the midday sun. That’s not been a worry so far this year. But on wandering outside, it was pretty obvious that we are no longer in Spring. Today is definitely, clearly, 100% summer. It’s a cloudless 24C out there, and that makes quite a difference to running.

I’d used up all my water by the end of the run, and the middle section — around the Downs, without much tree cover — was particularly punishing, just because of the relentless sunshine.

Still, I managed, and it’s all good experience. I’ve not run through a summer, yet. I only started this lark in July last year, and for the first month or two I was mostly walking, and even then it was mostly in the evenings. I guess there’s one important thing I learned today, if nothing else: if there’s a chance of it being that damn sunny at midday, I should drag my arse out of bed and go running at 8am, not 11…

Anyway. Today’s picture is the shadow of the Suspension Bridge at the start of my run. Enjoy the day, wherever you are!

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  1. May 23rd, 2010 at 16:59 | #1

    A great place for a run! I like going to the left of the river and running under the bridge on the way to Pil. Lovely weather but so hot for running.

  2. May 26th, 2010 at 07:00 | #2

    Yeah, I like the towpath route, too. Only just starting to use it again now we’re getting decent sunshine in the evenings. I’ll probably head down there this evening.

    My longest run so far was out to the far entrance to Leigh Woods along the towpath, up into and around the top of the woods, over the Suspension Bridge, around Clifton and Durdham Down, and back to Clifton Village. A bit epic, but some lovely scenery!

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