But Is It Art?

May 27th, 2010

Just went for a simple 5K along the towpath tonight, nice and easy. Although RunKeeper’s showing it as a slow 6K, because I included the warm‐up and cool down, and forgot to stop the tracking when I’d finished the cool down…

Hotwells Spring

About the only thing of note — apart from the rather lovely view I spotted on the way back — was the lack of graffiti on the pedestrian ramp down to the towpath. It’s had some fairly offensive stuff on it for months, with the relatively recent addition of a swastika.

On last week’s run I took a photo of it — I’ll spare you the image itself — to remind me of it when I got home. Thus prodded, I found Bristol City Council’s graffiti reporting web page, and stuck in the details.

And sometime since last Wednesday evening, the council have painted it out, so I don’t have to look at it and feel mildly annoyed by it. Win! This being Bristol, home of some seriously good street art (and no, it’s not just Banksy), the council tend to be a bit more switched on to either extreme of the stuff‐painted‐on‐walls spectrum, I guess.

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