Resolution Run 2: A Bit Earlier in the Week!

January 12th, 2012

I’ve been feeling better this week. It’s pleasant, when you wake up in the morning and think, “Wow! I don’t feel like utter crap!”

This week I decided in advance that I’d go out on Thursday, just because I wanted to pick a day and stick to it. And not wait until the last minute, like I did last week. So this morning, I put on my jogging clothes first thing, as a hint to myself, though I’m working from home and had a Skype meeting at 9am, so I couldn’t go out straight away.

But, with the morning’s work behind me, I finally grabbed my water bottle, got out the door and did a simple, slow 5K. Don’t pay too much attention to the awful time, not only does that include a lot of elevation but also ten minutes of warm up/cool down walking. So I’m not too unhappy.

And it got me out of the house, and into Clifton Village for some shopping and some lunch. Broke up the otherwise‐insular home working nicely, anyway.

Next run? Maybe at the weekend. We’ll see.

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