Second Run Sorted

IMG_0092.jpgI was aching yesterday from my first run. And I was aching today from my first run, too.

It wasn’t terrible — I certainly had worse in my karate days, as kicking at head height definitely stretches the muscles more than running. Plus you tend to get hit, too 🙂

But I was a little apprehensive about tonight’s run. I walked home from work to make sure I was warmed up — that’s a couple of miles, at least, so it did the job. And then I did a quick change and got out there.

And it was fine. My aerobic fitness is definitely more of a limiting factor than my muscles. But even though I puffed a bit towards the end, it was fine, and I didn’t feel like I was seriously pushing any limits.

So, that’s the second run done! And I felt a little looser doing it, plus I’m starting to work out all the tiny niggles that will make running just a touch more pleasant — where best to keep my keys, how to stop the phone from rattling around in the bum bag, and all the other trivia.

Longer-term plans involve finding some different routes (I’ve been told that is good for this, but I’ve not tried it yet), and maybe making up some specific iPod playlists, but the Genius is actually working out pretty well so far…

Today’s photo is in the same direction as yesterday’s, but taken from the flyover on the way back from the towpath.

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