A Bridge Just Far Enough, Thank You

IMG_0122.jpgJust back from the last run of week two. This was quite difficult, but I put that down to the fact that I’d already traipsed around the Harbour Festival for a few hours earlier in the day, where I also picked up a (very minor) bit of sunburn.

Also, I reckon I was running faster! The last few runs, I’ve been starting the iPhone app off as soon as I’ve left the house. This was the first run where the halfway point was exactly underneath the Suspension Bridge — I’ve always been just a little this side of it before. So, that was gratifying.

And, while it was difficult, I managed it. I was definitely flagging a bit by the penultimate run, and I don’t think I had much left by the end, but I’ve got a couple of days of rest before the next session, and I can always take that a bit slower if I have any trouble.

Today’s picture is a hot air balloon, clearly practising for next weekend’s Balloon Fiesta. I’m planning on getting up there for one of the 6am launches to take some photos. But I don’t think I’m up to jogging up there yet 🙂 Maybe next year!

3 thoughts on “A Bridge Just Far Enough, Thank You”

  1. So I’ve moved myself back in to week three after doing two runs in week four then not running for ages after hurting my foot. I went out this afternoon, and it was great! Still feels like pretty hard work mind.

    Matt — how do you find that you feel after you go for the runs? I think it was about in week three that I started to find that I actually felt great after the runs. Not so much in them, but definitely after them, great 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow. Go Matt! Go Matt!

  2. I feel pretty good afterwards. I imagine I’ll feel better as a go along, too; certainly I used to feel pretty good after karate, when I’d got my breath back…

    Glad to hear you’re back on the road 🙂

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