Skipping a Day

Yesterday, all else being equal, would have been a run day for me. Certainly Get Running suggested it would be.

But, I think one of the many helpful ways to stick to an exercise plan is to look ahead and be realistic about when you just can’t fit things in. And yesterday was one of those days. It started with a 4:45am alarm to get me up and ready to get out of the front door by 5:20, so I could walk up to the Balloon Fiesta dawn launch and get some pictures.

Then I had a full day at work, a walk home and back again, and then an 11pm finish after taking more photographs for a work awards evening.

So, no running for me, and I knew in advance that the day would be like that, so I’d planned not to run and feel no guilt 🙂 Especially as I walked ten miles, which is quite a lot of exercise, even if it didn’t involve running!

Unfortunately, today is more of an issue. I didn’t sleep well last night (odd, after a twenty-hour day with ten miles of walking. And annoying. Grr!) and I feel crap today. I have a headache, and virtually no energy.

So, I don’t know whether I’ll struggle out or not. My current plan is to try to take a nap this evening, at around fiveish, having laid out my running gear ready to go. Then see if I can bounce up and out for a quick half-hour run afterwards.

Until then, though, I think I’ll mostly be pottering about the house, doing not much more than vague tidying-up, listening to a few comedy podcasts, and making sure I drink plenty of water. Well, posh water; my favourite pick-me-up cold drink, Purdey’s, was on sale in Holland and Barrett, so I’ve just indulged 🙂

One thought on “Skipping a Day”

  1. *hugs* Definitely wish I could guarantee a good night’s sleep when I need it, but alas, it doesn’t work like that.

    Hope you feel better soon — moving everything on by a day won’t wreck anything.

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