Another day, another run!

It’s been an unsettled day in Bristol, and I’ve felt a bit unsettled myself, including having a bit of a headache. Despite that, I managed to go out for my run, and I think I feel better for it.

I was unsettled enough to forget my water bottle, but luckily I’ve been drinking a fair bit of water already today, so I was fairly hydrated, and it didn’t seem to do me any harm. In fact, it seemed easier than last time!

Still, must start putting together a little mental checklist for getting out of the door. My keys and my phone are difficult to forget — I can’t lock the front door on the way out without the keys, and the first thing I do is start my iPod playing, and kick off Get Running. But maybe a quick list like, “Water bottle? — check. Definitely wearing shorts? — check” might be a handy aide memoire.

Anyway. Must go make dinner.

Today’s picture is another Pano creation, this one taken in the opposite direction from yesterday’s picturesque suspension bridge image. This is the urban jungle that I have to get through to get to the nice towpath I’ve been running down. Crossing the A‑roads, walking over the lock gates and up a bit of flyover is my warm-up and warm-down; I leave the jogging until I get away from the traffic!