Bridges in Distance are Closer Than They Appear

Today’s run was the second run of week five, the halfway point of the C25K. So, this is a slightly extended edition of the blog 🙂

First off, I’d like to say a quick “thank you!” to all who’ve supported me so far, especially people who’ve commented on the blog here. I don’t always reply to every comment, but I do always read them, and it’s fab encouragement, so ta!

Oh, and a special mention to Benjohn, who got me running in the first place by producing the best iPhone application for lazy geeky runners that the world has ever known.

Anyway. I started out this evening with trepidation and a dodgy leg. And a slightly unsettled stomach (mostly due, I’m sure, to the mountain of junk I used to keep me going through yesterday’s exhaustion.)

Not only that, but these would be the longest runs so far — two eight minute runs, with a break in between.

I had a bit of gyp from the leg during the warm-up, especially over the footbridge I cross at the beginning. But it seemed to warm up okay once I actually got running. The first few minutes of running were easier than last time, too, it seemed.

I mentioned last time how nice it was to have the Clifton Suspension Bridge as my halfway marker. Today that smooth turned a little rough, as I could see the bridge from the beginning, and knew that I’d have to run all the way there before I could take a break!

But I just got on with it. Just putting one foot in front of the other, keeping to my usual pace, and plodding along to David Bowie and The Damned and a few others.

And I made it to the bridge fine, no problems. Cool!

The way back is often easier, for me. This time it wasn’t bad at all. I was helped immensely by Jam and Spoon’s Right in the Night, which is odd, as I have no idea how the heck it got into my iTunes library. It’s not normally my kind of thing. But I’m glad it was there, as it’s a good running tune.

As it faded out, I jogged up the little ramp onto the A4 flyover that’s been the usual last challenging bit of my runs, and I was just about central over the river when Get Running told me it was time to stop. Huzzah!

In celebration, I figured I’d shoot the above few seconds of video, as a bit of a visual progress record. Also, the route was looking quite pretty tonight, although I was still a bit too out of breath to be very steady with the camera 🙂

So, that’s it — the halfway mark. Next run is twenty minutes uninterrupted, and then it’s a gradual build-up to the full half hour. I think I can do this. And I’m definitely enjoying it.

3 thoughts on “Bridges in Distance are Closer Than They Appear”

  1. Woo! Fantastic! You’re definitely at that point where you looked at it on paper before you started, looked at this week and went “hmm, right”. ^_^

    Keep on truck-er, running!

  2. 🙂 Brilliant stuff, Mat 🙂 I’m really pleased! And extra pleased that you’re starting to enjoy it too! Woo.

    You’ve got a lovely route for running along too! I’ve just been pounding around a “block” near me. The best bit is running three or four times past the people eating at the restaurant up at the other end. I’m not sure if that registers for them!

    It’s actually quite a lot of ground that you’re covering now, isn’t it! And yes, you’ve definitely got to the “riiiiight” bit and rocked it!


  3. Yup, all going okay. Although I did have quite a sore foot today. Still, seems to be getting better now; maybe I was just running a bit unbalanced because of my hurty leg.

    Anyway. One more run, tomorrow, and I can give it a couple of days’ rest…

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