Aye, there’s the rub

September 13th, 2009

Today’s update is brought to you by Lanacane Anti‐Chafing Gel. In my 28‐minute road‐test this evening, it did exactly what it says on the tube. I recommend it to any other runners out there whose thighs (or anything else, for that matter) tend to rub together a bit too much…

Anyway, with that bit of too‐much‐information out of the way, today’s run was fine. I had an extra rest‐day in between weeks this time, not because of my extra‐long run at the end of Week 7, but because I went to Bristol’s Organic Food Festival yesterday.

That didn’t leave me with the energy for a run; I’d spent too much time on my feet by the evening, and the unseasonally lovely, sunny weather was just too much for me. Give me a bit of drizzle any day 😉

So, I skipped a day and ran today, instead. As you’d expect, after Wednesday’s half‐hour effort, I coped fine with the 28 minutes of Week 8, Run 1. I ran the towpath again, and got just a little bit further down it than I have done before.

The leading lights, strategically placed down the side of the Avon to mark the deepest part of the channel, guiding large boats away from the shallows, have replaced the Suspension Bridge as my halfway landmark, so that’s today’s picture.

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