Hiatus Over

September 27th, 2009

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have been wondering where I’ve been for the past week and a bit. Galavanting, that’s where1.

Last weekend I nipped over to Clovelly, in Devon, to see my friend Steve. This weekend I was at my friends Kavey & Pete’s wedding anniversary party. In between I took a whistle‐stop tour of Devon.

I nearly packed my running gear, but in the end it was just that little bit too much to lug around, plus I knew my chances of running were actually fairly slim.

The week hasn’t been entirely exercise‐free, though. I did a fair bit of walking, including a 10‐kilometer hike around Dartmoor, which was lovely, and hopefully combated some of the ice‐cream‐based indulgences which inevitably made an appearance 🙂

Today I’m back at home, so I figured I’d get right back on top of things as soon as possible. I’ve just come back in from Week 9, Run 1. It was hard work, and my stomach was clearly a bit fuller than I thought — yesterday’s anniversary party involved quite lot of lovely Indian food and not a little cake — but I took it slow and steady and just plodded on through it.

So, that’s my first “official” half‐hour run of the C25K done, and I’m very nearly at the end — just a couple more runs to do!

I’m not going to count myself as done with the C25K, though, until I’ve actually run 5K. This isn’t, after all, the Couch to Four‐and‐a‐bit K plan. At the moment I’m running about 4.25K, so all I need to add is another three quarters of a kilometre. So — better figure out exactly which shiny new compact camera I want fairly quickly, I think!

  1. Galavanting is a small holiday resort in County Galway. Okay, I may be making that up… []
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