Running on a Cliff Edge

IMG_0760 2.JPGToday was an okay run. I wasn’t very focused — losing an hour in the transition to British Summer Time can do that to a person; I still haven’t even changed all my clocks, so I’m living with one foot in the past — but that was okay. Sometimes being unfocused means your run is over before you know it, and that can be a good thing.

Today I got back into my more usual more-than-5K, less than 10K Sunday routine with a fairly slow 7K that took me out up Bridge Valley Road and around the Downs.

Bridge Valley Road is helpfully closed to traffic at the moment because of “emergency wall stabilisation works”. While it worries me that I’m running up a road carved into a cliff that needs emergency stabilisation, it was nice to be able to run right up the middle of it, instead of being relegated to the narrow footpath. And I conclusively proved that my uphill running really is faster than a walk by passing an exceptionally rare pedestrian on my way up! Hurrah!

The blocking off of the top of the road also diverted me onto a slightly different route around Clifton Down, leading me to a lovely little clifftop section I’ve not run along before. This was lovely running, views out along the Avon Gorge like the one in today’s photo. But still with enough of a wall to stop my fear of heights kicking in 🙂

Anyway. Off to see Chris Addison at the Tobacco Factory this afternoon, so I’d best go get ready. See you later!

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  1. Oh yeah. Better check if the clocks have changed here too. Not that it immediately matters with 8 hours of jet lag.

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