Sometimes, Life Gets In the Way

June 8th, 2010

20100607-20100607-IMG_8432.jpgIn a fairly rare move for me, I didn’t get out for a run this weekend. Or this evening.

I’m trying to give myself a break about this. This weekend I was out of town visiting friends, and I’m still playing catchup on the thousand things I should have done at the weekend if I’d been home. So I think I should probably cut myself some slack. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you have to skip some things in order to do others, and you can’t always play catchup.

One thing I can think about at moments like this is how far I’ve already run. Last time I looked at my RunKeeper profile I had a bit of a surprise: since I started using RunKeeper, back in September, I’ve run 506.72 kilometres. That’s more than 300 miles. And, apparently, more than 56,000 calories. Pretty cool.

Plus, I’ve got one guaranteed weekend run coming up in the shape of Pants in the Park, a 5K run for Prostate UK, on 27th June. I’ve been to a couple before, but only as official photographer, not actually to run. This time I’m running it instead 🙂 My race number should be nice and easy to remember, too, as you can see from the pic 🙂 As my friend Kavey said, “Aww! Three little ducks…”

So, I think I’m just going to accept the fact that I can’t do everything at once, and resolve to get out for my normal midweek run tomorrow or Thursday — probably depending on when there’s a gap in this week’s rain!

Then, though, I must start deliberately setting aside some time for some longer weekend runs, because I want to head up towards half‐marathon distances again. I’ve only got until September 5th…

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