Pants in the Park

20100627-P1000991.jpgAh, yes, the hottest day of the year. Just the time to get out into the sunshine at nearly noon and run 5 kilometres wearing y‑fronts. Oh yes. Although I do have a sneaking suspicion that the three laps of the bloody great field we ran around wasn’t quite 5K, but I don’t suppose it was far off.

Anyway, yes a different kind of Sunday run for me today, probably less far than I would normally run of a weekend, but also in much more blazing sunshine than I’d ever voluntarily venture out in. Despite the harshness, we got a fairly good turnout, and everyone managed it, even the intrepid older gent who came in last to a big cheer.

With the donations from my JustGiving page (thanks all!) and the money my company will pony up for me entering, I reckon I raised more than £100 for Prostate UK, which can’t be bad 🙂 I probably won’t be pestering anyone for donations until at least August now, when I’ll be starting fundraising for the half marathon. Which I very much hope is on a nice, cool, September day, preferably with a very light drizzle…