Skipping A Beat


Well, I’ve been a bit rubbish this week. No mid-week run. Mostly that was because I was busy doing strange things like filming advice on how to take photos of lightning with a BBC weatherman. That, and the serious weather we have in fact had this week, albeit sadly lacking the lightning, meant I didn’t get out jogging when I should have done.

I made a bit of an effort today, at least — it’s lovely jogging weather out there at the moment, bright but not too hot — and did a simple 5K out along the towpath. My jogging seems to be getting slower and slower recently, but I think that’s mostly because there’s lots of nice scenery, so I keep getting distracted and stopping to take photos. I don’t actually think I’m running more slowly; I’m just stopping more…

Anyway. Hopefully next week I’ll get back into things properly. Looks like I can head out on a couple of evenings, weather permitting. See you then!