Going Through the Motions

These last couple of weeks I do feel a bit like I’ve just been going through the motions. I’ve been busy, tired, and feeling rather run down. On Wednesday, I got home feeling tired and run down and really not wanting to go for a run. And it was bloody cold outside.

Maybe I could go tomorrow?” I thought.

Then I remembered that that’s what I’d said on Tuesday, too. So, summoning what little motivation I had, I got myself out and ran a boring 5K down the Portway.

Because, sometimes, going through the motions is a better option than just not going through the motions.

3 thoughts on “Going Through the Motions”

  1. \o/ Keep it up! There seems to be a fine line between not doing something because you really need a break, and not doing it because your motivation just isn’t there. (I took Friday night and yesterday off from my to-do lists, mostly, and have the will to get things done back today. So you do need to let it go sometimes…)

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