No Go-Go Mojo

Ugh. After my last 5K up Bridge Valley Road, you’d have thought that a simple 5K on the flat would have been a dream. But tonight’s slow 5K down the Portway and back was annoying. My hip ached, I was slow, and I just wasn’t feeling it.

I think the only thing to do is to keep on trying and hope I start feeling better. It’s so odd that 5K can be such a struggle when I’ve happily done a half-marathon this month.

On the plus side, I did at least do something productive, cheering and jogging-related today: I published the shiny new version of the Get Running website. It’s all sexy and responsive (i.e. it scales down and rearranges itself as you make its window smaller, so the same base site works well on big desktops and small mobile screens) and I’m glad I finally managed to release it.

If only jogging was as painless as making websites about jogging…