Rain Interrupted Play

July 29th, 2009

I’m meant to be doing my fourth run this evening. But the rain outside is way beyond Sunday’s drizzle, and into the realms of Heavy Weather.

I need some wet weather running gear (I’m woefully under-prepared for rain, clothes-wise.) I shall if I can buy some this week, even if it’s just some jogging bottoms rather than the shorts.

It’s not so much the running that worries me — I think I’d do okay-ish running through the rain — it’s that there’s still quite a lot of walking involved in the plan at this stage. And walking through rain this heavy while I get my breath back just seems like a dejecting thought.

Ho hum.

So. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks unsettled, but with some chance of a lack of rain here and there. And I think I’ve learned part of my lesson for running in the British summer — get out when you can! I should’ve looked at the weather forecast yesterday, and run then, whatever my training schedule said…

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