Scratch That, Reverse It!”

IMG_0105.jpgI changed my mind! Some encouragement from the LiveJournal C25K community came at exactly the right time. I still had some energy, it had stopped raining, there was at least half an hour of daylight left…

So I went. And I’m just back from my first run of Week 2. Huzzah!

It wasn’t easy, though. The worst thing was that I’d had dinner. And not a particularly light dinner, at that. So that weighed me down. And having to run around the puddles didn’t help much.

But, aided by yet another Genius playlist — kicked off from The Go! Team’s Doing It Right, and finishing, rather ironically, on The Primitives’ Crash (“here you go/way too fast/don’t slow down you’re gonna cra-a-ash…”) — I managed it.

So, I guess that’s another lesson learned: if there’s a chance, no matter how slim, that you’ll actually get out and run, then go for occasional grazing style eating, rather than a big lump. Otherwise you’ll be carrying that big lump around with you for a half-hour…

2 thoughts on “Scratch That, Reverse It!””

  1. Woo! Again!

    Agreed about the food — even on my lighter session, I just have a banana before I go out. Anything more has induced queasiness so far.

    Good luck for the rest of week 2!

  2. Yes, I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. This is why you never see thin runners, I guess — it’s not the exercise, it’s just that they become scared of eating more than a banana at any one meal…

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