Quick Progress Post

IMG_0167.jpgJust a quick update, today, as it’s late. It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, and I used it for the traditional British Bank Holiday pastime — DIY.

So, I didn’t get out for my run until late: after I’d finished wallpapering. Now I’ve tidied up, it’s almost bedtime.

I should sleep well, because I’m a bit knackered. All day DIY followed by Week 6, Run 2 of the Couch to 5K will do that to a person! Today’s two ten-minute runs took me further down the towpath than I’ve ever managed before, I think. I may have been going a touch faster than usual.

But like I said the other day, I’m not concentrating on speed at the moment. I’m just going to keep plugging away at the C25K, and maybe start looking at my speed once I’m at the end of the plan.

Anyway. Bedtime. Must make sure I’m nice and awake for Wednesday: that’s a single 25-minute run!