Rain Man

SlippersWell, that was wet. The heaviest rain I’ve ever run in, for sure, and I must definitely find a non-towpath route so I can avoid big puddles in weather like this! I was soaked, and my shoes and socks definitely weighed a fair bit more at the end of the run than they did at the beginning…

On the plus side, the twenty-five minute Week 6, Run 3 of the C25K is done and dusted. And it actually seemed easier than the twenty minute run of Week 5. It was certainly easier at the beginning, although I think I was equally knackered and just-plodding-on by the end.

I think I went a little too fast for the first half, too; must definitely try to pace myself a bit better. But Thea Gilmore’s Mainstream just bounced me into it, really. Luckily the slightly slower ska beat of The Clash came along for the last half to keep me going.

Today is definitely the furthest I’ve run. Working it out on Gmaps Pedometer (clicking there should actually take you to my specific route), I reckon today’s run was a bit over two miles, or three and a half kilometres, in twenty five minutes. I’m happy with that, and I’m even happier that the first half was actually not just slogging through the rain, but quite cheerful jogging in the rain.

Anyway. Back now, and much more cheerful now I’ve dived through a nice warm shower and into my carefully-prepared bathrobe and green monster slippers. There’s nothing like a bit of home comfort to welcome you back after a run.

4 thoughts on “Rain Man”

  1. Congrats! So glad that you’re still sticking to it!

    I’ve just gone out for an hour and a half walk, along the river, which was really nice. ^_^ Must do more of that. Oh, and we now have a real bed, which means we have a spare sofabed, if you fancy doing some running in the mountains!

  2. Mmmm. Now, the sofabed sounds good. But I’m still not sure about this unnatural mixture of “running” and “mountains”. There’s a reason I’m running along a towpath; it’s because it’s one of the few places in Bristol that’s guaranteed to be flat!

  3. *haha* Seen as I can run for 45 seconds, I’m hardly advocating running up/down the mountains (although you can do that too if you like). There’s a ridgeway near us that you can get to by cable car just outside the local S‑bahn station, you can either go left/south and progressively down the slope or right/north and it’s a two hour (slowish) walk to another train station.

    Or there’s the path by the river. Going in both directions for further than I know, as it’s on a regional cycling route.


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