That…was horrible

This morning, Radio 4’s normally quite reserved weatherman Philip Avery used the phrase “rain and rain and rain”. Basically, if you’re in the UK, the forecast is for rain, day after day, for at least the next seven days.

So, this evening, when I got home and noticed we seemed to be in-between rainstorms, I figured I’d get out running while the going was good.

Only the going wasn’t good. It wasn’t the weather. Maybe it was my hip being a bit achey, or a longish week at work, or any one of a number of things. I don’t know. But it was crap, frankly, one of the few runs where at pretty much every moment the thought “I could just stop running now and walk back home” wasn’t far from my mind.

Of course, I didn’t, I just plodded on for 5K. A slow 5K by my recent standards, at 37 minutes, way behind the pace of my last run, on an identical route.

Maybe it’s because of the 8K I did at the weekend; it’s possible that even though that felt fine at the time I stretched myself a bit too far a bit too quickly. I’m going to have a couple of days off (depending on the weekend weather forecast) and drop back to a nice simple 5–6K for my weekend run.

Hopefully it’ll turn out that this is the kind of crappy run that you get just before your running improves. It’s turned out that way in the past…

3 thoughts on “That…was horrible”

  1. Ouch. I know what you mean about a bad one before a good one though (not from running, obviously…) Hope you get enough of a break in the clouds for another run soon!

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