Simple and Steady…

December 2nd, 2009

IMG_0461 2.jpg…that’s me.

Remembering how rubbish I felt on my first run after doing 8K, I figured I’d best be careful for my first run after 10K.

This time I left three clear days after my long run before getting back out on the road. It seems to have had the right effect. The simple 5K I just did wasn’t brilliant, but it wasn’t terrible. And I came in at a normal pace, comfortably under 35 minutes.

So, I think that’ll be the plan in future — after a big push on in distance, give myself a few days of recovery time before running again. Seems to work.

I didn’t see anything particularly thrilling on the Portway, so tonight’s picture isn’t from my run, it’s from my walk home. I figured I might as well get into the Christmas spirit; this was my first run of December, after all!

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