Simple Sunday

Nice and easy today, after last weekend’s 12K effort. I was meeting friends at Bristol Zoo at 11, so I had to get up early to get running first. Which I did manage, despite the best efforts of the LUNs — my shorthand for my Loud Upstairs Neighbours — who managed to wake me up at ten to three this morning. They weren’t actually as loud as usual, so I managed to stuff some earplugs in and get back to sleep, thank goodness.

So, I got out before half past nine, and did a simple short route up the currently-closed-to-traffic Bridge Valley Road. Thanks, Bristol City Council, for the complete lack of pedestrian signage, and unsarcastic thanks to the fellow who exited the bottom of the road as I was starting up it, who let me know that I’d actually be able to get all the way to the top…

And that was my 5K. The RunKeeper log is a bit rubbish at the end, because I seemed to lose GPS signal for the last kilometre, but I’ve done the route before, and it’s definitely a smidge over 5K. My pace was about normal for a hilly route, around 8 minutes per kilometre, and it felt absolutely fine.

I finished off with a coffee-and-croissant breakfast from the ever-friendly Boston Tea Party, then came home to start my day with a shower — almost completely backwards from the normal course of events! And that was my simple start to Sunday. Another day, another 5K