Back on Track

Well, it’s been a very lazy month so far, in some ways. Today’s 5K jog was only the second bit of running I’ve done all month.

Of course, this was mostly because the first bit of running was the half marathon, and I decided to give myself a week’s break both before and after it, just because sometimes it’s good to give yourself a rest, and this seemed like an ideal opportunity.

But, back to normal now — well, apart from an upcoming holiday, where I shall probably be walking around bits of Crete with my dad rather than jogging — and I think it’s probably time to start working on my speed (or lack of it) to try to get a bit more “bang for my buck”, in terms of calories burned and endorphins produced. So, that might be my autumn and winter training — getting a bit faster.

I also want to drop some more weight, I think. I’ve used the half-marathon as an excuse to eat fairly disgracefully for the last couple of weeks — and frankly, I feel very little guilt about that! — but it’s probably time to start reining in the calorie count again…

Anyway. I’ll probably get out for a jog on Wednesday this week. See you then!