Sunday Morning Detour

Inspired by Jose’s post about early morning running yesterday, I decided to drag myself out of bed and head out at around 7am this morning. Naturally I failed to do that, but I was underway by about 7:30 🙂

Unfortunately, my plan to head out along the Portway and up Bridge Valley Road to jog around the Downs in the next instalment of my getting-faster-for-the-Bath-Half FitnessClass thingy was scuppered. I’d got about 250 metres into it when I saw that the entire Portway, pavement to pavement, was closed.

D’oh. So, instead, I figured I’d run around the harbourside instead. I wasn’t entirely sure where I’d end up, but at least I’d never be too far from civilisation. My 6‑and-a-bit kilometres took me around the Floating Harbour about one and a half times, and was pretty nice. It started dull, grey and uninspiring, but in the almost-hour I was running for, it brightened up and turned into a lovely day.

Yes, I was running for almost an hour, to do less than 7K. This morning felt like a morning for taking it easy, so I didn’t push myself during the running, and took the opportunity to take some pictures during the walking breaks, which didn’t help my average pace much!

Then home, having popped into Sainsbury’s to buy some ham, to try my hand at making Eggs Benedict for the first time. It turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself…