A Walk Instead

20121118 P1010487
I was going to head out into Sunday’s sunshine for a pleasant daytime jog, but I got a call from a couple of very hungover friends who had ambitions on fresh air a bit further afield.

We ended up doing this circular walk from Blagdon including Burrington Ham. It was a good way to spend a sunny day.

I’d like to get out for a jog tomorrow, but I’m seeing amber rain warnings being tweeted by local weathermen, so I’m not sure how appealing it’ll be in the morning… Hrm.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my friend Jo at one of the higher points of our walk.

20121118 P1010495

Running with Company

A first for me this evening: the first time I’ve run in training with anyone else. Apart from race days, I’ve run solo up to now.

This evening my friend Emmeline, who is trying to get back into jogging after a long break, accompanied me for a round-the-harbour outing at dusk. It was good. Not sure it’ll work on a regular basis, as she’s quicker than I am, but it was nice to have the company.

IMG 7400

A Return to the Weekday 5K

…although it was only *just* a return to the weekday 5K, given that I only got around to it on Friday. I was going to nip along the nice, flat Portway, but a friend wanted me to pick up some pancetta for a risotto she was cooking for us, so instead I jogged up Bridge Valley Road, across the Downs and back to Clifton Village to nip into Chandos Deli.

Not much else to report, really. Except that the risotto was ace, and that on the way up Bridge Valley Road, I saw this piece of stereotypically-Clifton litter 😀

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