I Aten’t Ded

Yes, not blogged for a while. Sorry. Blogging and running have both taken a bit of a back-burner, with both my fortieth birthday and the weather getting in the way a bit…

My last run was a while back. Last Friday, I at least went on a 10K photo walk through the fresh snow, which hopefully burned off a few calories. And looked a bit like this:


(There’s a few more of my Bristol snow photos here, if you’re interested.)

As I write this, this is the view from my back door:

…and I’m told it’s pretty slippery out, so I’m not nipping out for a jog just yet. But I will soon. Honest.

New Year’s Day

I didn’t run yesterday, on New Year’s Day. But I did hopefully set the tone for the year by getting out for some decent exercise. I went out with the vague thought of walking around the harbourside, and ended up doing nearly 10K around my preferred Leigh Woods route.

Hopefully that’s also started me off losing a bit of the Christmas weight I’ve put on. If I’m careful, it’ll all be gone again by the end of January…

Catch you in a day or two, with my first run of the year. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from yesterday’s walk.

IMG 7735

IMG 7739

IMG 7741

IMG 7745

IMG 7747

A Walk Instead

20121118 P1010487
I was going to head out into Sunday’s sunshine for a pleasant daytime jog, but I got a call from a couple of very hungover friends who had ambitions on fresh air a bit further afield.

We ended up doing this circular walk from Blagdon including Burrington Ham. It was a good way to spend a sunny day.

I’d like to get out for a jog tomorrow, but I’m seeing amber rain warnings being tweeted by local weathermen, so I’m not sure how appealing it’ll be in the morning… Hrm.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my friend Jo at one of the higher points of our walk.

20121118 P1010495

Matt Gets Walking

After two consecutive Christmas parties, I wasn’t feeling up for a run today. But when I finally drew the blinds and found out it was a lovely sunny day, I figured I should get some exercise. So I wandered out for a little walk that turned into 9K around Leigh Woods.

Not much to report, really, other than the fresh air did me good. Plus, as I wasn’t jogging, I got to bring out the big camera, so here are my snaps from the afternoon!

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