Jogging and the Immediate Relief of Guilt

I’ve been feeling fairly guilty recently. Trying to learn iPhone programming from home has been pretty slow-going. And I’ve been letting a few other things slip — from arranging viewings of potential new houses to emailing my friend Carmen about popping around for paella. And I’ve not been jogging much. 

Then I got a cold. That really didn’t help.

So, today I went out for my first jog in ages, with the latest episode of Back to Work in my headphones ((the show is going through one of its occasional rallies where it actually talks about productivity, rather than just being a series of obscure comedy references to things outside my personal cultural scope)). And it reminded me of one of the best reasons to be out jogging — there’s pretty much no way of feeling guilt while I’m out for a jog.

Unless I’ve missed some important appointment, there’s nothing I could be doing that’s better for me, all round, than being out in the sun and fresh air (or, let’s face it, wind and rain) getting some exercise.

So, yeah. Jogging. Whether it’s enjoyable at the time or not (and this still varies, for me), at least it’s always good for my conscience.